Who We Are

flattened ITB Subsea 45ITB Subsea is a division of ITB Marine Group, dedicated to providing solutions for the marine industry. ITB’s customers come from a wide range of industries including fuel transport, utilities, government, military and coast guard, shipping, scientific research and marine construction.

ITB Marine Group has provided marine services on the West Coast of Canada since 1958. Please visit History to see a timeline of our growth.

ITB Subsea provides a wide range of marine services to many different industries. With its own fleet of vessels and customized equipment, and the added support from sister companies there are few challenges that ITB Subsea can’t handle.

ITB Subsea is the largest provider of underwater cable installation and repair in British Columbia. They also provide commercial diving and ROV services, marine construction, and subsea support vessels. The dedicated and experienced professionals at ITB Subsea have hundreds of hours of commercial diving experience, submarine cable installations, and marine construction experience. Troubleshooting and finding effective and efficient solutions to complex situations is their specialty.

A Family of Companies

F1020028ITB Marine Group was formed to bring together two different divisions; Island Tug and Barge and ITB Subsea so that they could share their resources while still concentrating on their core business services. With more shared industry expertise and a wider range of vessels and equipment available, each company is able to better serve their customers and their marine challenges.

ITB Marine Group is privately owned and prides itself on its dedication to safety, environmental stewardship, and continuous improvement in all areas of business.