Falcon Seaeye

A compact lightweight and versatile Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with a depth rating of 300 metres. The Falcon SeaEye is rapidly deployed on almost any vessel or from shore.


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General Description and Capabilities:

Electric Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) manufactured by SAAB SeaEye of Hampshire, England

Length: 1 meter

Width: 0.6 meters

Height: 0.5 meters

FS Weight: 78 kg.

Diving Depth: 300 meters

Vehicle comes complete with:

5 Thrusters

Manipulator: Single Function “Gripstick” Manipulator

Cameras: Colour Video Camera

DeepSea Power & Light – Low Light

Black and White Camera

Lights: 3 LED Lights

Winch Description:

Hand Operated

450 m of Fiber Optic Cable

Focal Technologies F/O Slip-ring

Length: 1 meter

Width: 1 meter

Height: 0.6 meters