Commercial Diving

What We Do

Diving 1ITB Subsea is a leading diving company focused on safety standards. We provide expertise and equipment for most subsea applications.

  • Deep-water Diving
  • Underwater Welding
  • Subsea Completions
  • Work-Class ROV projects

With the acquisition of Canpac Divers Inc. in 2011, ITB Subsea has the benefit of their longstanding reputation and expertise as a premier diving company and a leader in safety, deep-water diving and underwater welding.

Services Offered

Diving 2

  • Bell Bounce, Saturation and mixed gas diving
  • Acoustic Tracking
  • Non-Destructive testing
  • Underwater closed circuit television
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Hyperbaric welding/Wet welding
  • Concrete reconstruction and grouting
  • Drilling, blasting jetting and dredging
  • Wood, steel and concrete pile restoration
  • Pipeline trenching
  • Search and recovery
  • Air lifting
  • Pollution control and cleanup
  • Magnetometer Surveys

 Project Experience

  • Multi year project for the removal of pilings and installation of corrosion matrasses. 36” diam concrete piles at depths up to 100 metres
  • Removal of damaged sections of water main and installation of new sections of 60” diameter pipe
  • Diving services for fibre optic cable link from Vancouver mainland to Vancouver Island
  • Sewage outfall – 30” diameter in 200’ water, twin 90” diameter
  • Annual diving services contract for various government agencies
  • Reflotation and salvage of a 14,000 ton cruise ship “Pegasus” in Venice Italy
  • Provision of expertise, technology and personnel for purposes of locating shipwrecks in Cuban territorial waters.
  • Management and diving services for the installation of an underwater tidal turbine near Vancouver Island, BC.
  • Project management and diving services for sea trials for a newly engineered pressurized rescue module system designed to transfer personnel from disabled submarines to the surface in water depths of up to 2,000 feet


Oceanic Explorer – 25 HP, Work Class Electro-Hydraulic Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Falcon SeaEye – Compact, lightweight and versatile ROV